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1. Cloud Computing : Cloud Computing, as name suggests, is basically a service-oriented architecture that involves delivering hosted services over internet. It delivers faster and accurate… Read More
1. Database :Database, as name suggests, is simply a way to tracking and organizing and therefore considered as important part of running business. It allows… Read More
1. Search Engine:A search engine, as the name suggests, is defined as an application designed to carry out web searches and enables users to locate… Read More
1. Python :Python is a popular, general purpose and object-oriented programming language which was designed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 and further expanded by… Read More
1. Message Application Programming Interface (MAPI) :It is a protocol that is proprietary used by Microsoft that allows Microsoft Outlook email clients to appropriately use… Read More
Web Server : Web Server, as the name suggests, is a server software where web content is stored and uses HTTP protocol and other protocols… Read More
Information Architecture : Information Architecture, as the name suggests, acts as a blueprint and helps in deciding how to arrange parts of content to be… Read More
Information Architecture : Information Architecture, as the name suggests, acts as a blueprint to show clear paths to website visitors and make it easier for… Read More
Website: A Website is a collection of web pages that is used to convey specific and helpful information to specific users. Websites are also used… Read More
Website : Website, as the name suggests, is basically a set of interconnected webpages that contain text, images, video, etc. and share a unique domain… Read More
req.cookies: Request. Cookies are supposed to be cookies that come from the client (browser) and Response. Cookies are cookies that will send back to the… Read More
Before, for cross-platform development Flutter and React Native were the go-to programming solutions and these languages were highly used by the developers. But today Kotlin… Read More
We always send messages to others. In older days people have only one means of communication i.e, letters but nowadays there are many ways to… Read More
Python Python is one of the most popular and powerful scripting languages that works nowadays. It is a high-level interpreted programming language. It is a… Read More
Introduction: The development of computing technology has a rich history, with many inventions and innovations leading to the creation of the modern computer. Two such… Read More

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