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1. C++ :C++ or CPP is a general-purpose statically typed object-oriented programming language. In 1980, C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell laboratories of… Read More
The intent is a messaging object which tells what kind of action to be performed. The intent’s most significant use is the launching of the… Read More
Web Services:  Web services describe the open standard-based web applications that interact with other web applications over the network for the purpose of sharing data… Read More
Whenever we are writing our classes, we have to provide some information about our classes to the JVM like whether this class can be accessed… Read More
In Java, the Stream interface has a map() and flatmap() methods and both have intermediate stream operation and return another stream as method output. Both… Read More
1. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) :Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a network in which devices connected to the network are distributed wirelessly. It… Read More
1. Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) :SNAT, as name suggests, is a technique that translates source IP address generally when connecting from private IP address… Read More
1. Database Administrator :Database administrator is a person who creates updates and maintains the database. It is more of a wide role as a data… Read More
1. Lean Model: Lean is one of the efficient methodology that believes the flow of value to the customer through continuous improvements and value for… Read More
1. Virtual Private Server (VPS) :VPS, as name suggests, is a hosting that virtually mimics dedicated server environment within shared server. It uses virtualization layer… Read More
1. Agile :Agile is a well-known development methodology and the best approach for many development teams, especially those looking to create a continuous delivery environment.… Read More
HLookup :Horizontal Lookup function is called as HLookup function. This function used to find values horizontally across a set of rows in a table. It… Read More
1. Indexing :Indexing, as name suggests, is a technique or mechanism generally used to speed up access of data. Index is basically a type of… Read More
1. C++ :C++ or CPP is a general-purpose statically typed object-oriented programming language. In 1979, a Danish computer scientist named Bjarne Stroustrup wanted to make… Read More
01. Data Administrator (DA) : Data administrator is a person who is responsible for processing data into a convenient data model. The person is in… Read More

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