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#include in C/C++: In the case of C language, #include is a standard or user-defined file in a program that tells the preprocessor to insert… Read More
Mobile App Testing: Mobile app testing refers to process of testing application software simply for controlling and handling mobile devices. It is used to test mobile… Read More
1. Word processing Software :Word processing software is a type of computer software application or an electronic device that has become very important in today’s… Read More
1. Penetration Testing :Penetration testing is done for finding vulnerabilities, malicious content, flaws and risks. It is done to build up the organizations’ security system… Read More
This is a clash of the titans! Power BI and Tableau are the most popular data analytics tools in the world at a time when… Read More
BufferedReader and FileReader both classes are used to read data from a given character stream. Both of them have some pros and some cons. In… Read More
There are two types of XML parsers namely Simple API for XML and Document Object Model. SAX DOM SAX (Simple API for XML), is the… Read More
JavaEE or J2EE also known as Java Enterprise Edition. J2EE Version 1.2 was developed as the first Enterprise specification in December 1999. In the year… Read More
Tree Edge: It is an edge that is present in the tree obtained after performing DFS on the graph. All the Green edges are tree… Read More
1. Enterprise Architecture :Enterprise Architecture, as name suggests, is a process to provide holistic, top-down view of structure and systems and align business strategic vision… Read More
1. Solution Architecture :Solution Architecture, as name suggests, is basically process of designing one or more applications or services within organization or company. It is… Read More
1. Cloud Architecture : Cloud Architecture, as name suggests, is basically process of designing and planning various projects or tasks. Cloud architect identifies and correct problem,… Read More
1. Cloud Computing : Cloud Computing, as name suggests, is collective combination of configurable system resources and advanced service that can be delivered quickly using internet.… Read More
1. Grid Computing :Grid Computing, as name suggests, is a type of computing that combine resources from various administrative domains to achieve common goal. Its… Read More
1. Half-duplex mode :Half-duplex mode is when the sender can send the data and also can receive the data one at a time. It is… Read More

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