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req.cookies: Request.Cookies are supposed to be cookies that come from client (browser) and Response.Cookies are cookies that will send back to client (browser). Cookies are… Read More
Before, for cross-platform development Flutter and React Native were the go-to programming solutions and these languages were highly used by the developers. But today Kotlin… Read More
We always send messages to others. In older days people have only one means of communication i.e, letters but nowadays there are many ways to… Read More
Python Python is one of the most popular and powerful scripting languages that works nowadays. It is a high-level interpreted programming language. It is a… Read More
1. Analytical Engine :  Analytical engine Is a fully controlled general-purpose computer which includes automatic mechanical digital computer into it. Any of the calculation set… Read More
1. Data Security : Data security refers to the prevention of data from unauthorized users. It is only allowed to access the data to the authorized… Read More
1. LEIBNIZ CALCULATOR : The Leibniz calculator is also called as Leibniz wheel or stepped drum. It is a type of cylinder which is there… Read More
Syntax: It refers to the rules and regulations for writing any statement in a programming language like C/C++. It does not have to do anything… Read More
Linear Queue: A Linear Queue is generally referred to as Queue. It is a linear data structure that follows the FIFO (First In First Out)… Read More
++i and i++ both increment the value of i by 1 but in a different way. If ++ precedes the variable, it is called pre-increment… Read More
Legacy classes and interfaces are the classes and interfaces that formed the Collection Framework in the earlier versions of Java and how now been restructured… Read More
The IdentityHashMap, WeakHashMap, and EnumMap all are the classes in java collection that implements the Map interface. But there are few differences exists between them.… Read More
The wait() and notify() are methods of the Object class. They were introduced to part ways with polling, which is the process of repeatedly checking… Read More
1. Linux Mint : Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distribution developed and released by Clement Lefebvre. It was initially released on August 26, 2006. It… Read More
1. Usability Testing : Usability Testing is a testing method for measuring how easy and user-friendly a software application is. It is also known as… Read More

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