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1. Encryption :Encryption, as name suggests, is generally a technique that is used to conceal message using algorithms. It is fundamental application of cryptography that… Read More
1. Tokenization :Tokenization, as name suggests, is basically a replacement technique that replace sensitive data with randomly generated code that is known as token. Here,… Read More
1. Remote Access Trojans :This Remote Access Trojan popularity increased in the year of 2000s. In this period people didn’t have sufficient knowledge of how… Read More
E-Commerce is a business model that allows to buy and sell goods and services over the internet. It is also known as Electronic Commerce and… Read More
When we build any dart application it takes time to execute for the first time. So to resolve this problem we have two features in… Read More
The AWS EFS(Elastic file system) and AWS EBS(Elastic block storage) are two different types of storage services provided by Amazon Web Services. This article highlights… Read More
1. Assembly level language :It is a low-level language that allows users to write a program using alphanumeric mnemonic codes, instead of numeric code for… Read More
1. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) :CI/CD, as name suggests, is basically combined practices of CI and either CD method. It directly facilitates agile development because… Read More
1. Network Administrator :A network administrator is a someone in an organization whose job is to manage organization’s computer network. They also do jobs like… Read More
1. Network Engineer : A network engineer is a type of technological profession where the engineers are highly skilled on connectivity of the network, securing… Read More
1. Software Security :Software Security, as name suggests, is type of security used to protect or secure program from malicious attack or hacking. Types of… Read More
1. ERP System :ERP System is a kind of Software tool which is used to manage data of an Enterprise or an Organization. ERP System… Read More
1. Compiler :Compiler, as name suggests, is a process that is used to convert code into machine instructions. It simply translates source code from high-level… Read More
In this part, we want to mention the essential difference between the Test case and circumstances which can be test we comprehended that both the… Read More
1. Virtualization :Virtualization, as name suggests, is a technique that is used for having access to computing resources and devices in completely function manner no… Read More

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