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LinearLayout LinearLayout is a type of view group which is responsible for holding views in it either Horizontally or vertically. It is a type of… Read More
ActionBar ActionBar is the element present at the top of the activity screen. It is a salient feature of an android application that has a… Read More
AppBar AppBar is a design element in an application’s activity that has a significant role. Its appearance gives a unique identity to the application. Moreover,… Read More
A process that is repeated more than one time by applying the same logic is called an Iteration.  In programming languages like python, a loop… Read More
C++ is a cross-platform language used to create high-performance applications, has user-friendly syntax, rich libraries, and fast speed. The language was updated to 3 versions… Read More
Prior to discussing the differences lets quickly recap all three methods getPath() Method getAbsolutePath() Method getCanonicalPath() Method 1. getPath() Method getPath() is a method of… Read More
Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting, as the name suggests, is basically a type of web hosting where the service provider provides web pages from more than… Read More
Web Hosting: Web Hosting, as the name suggests, is a type of internet hosting that allows one to make their website available to users through… Read More
In Java, objects are stored dynamically using objects. Now in order to traverse across these objects is done using a for-each loop, iterators, and comparators.… Read More
Sleep(): This Method is used to pause the execution of current thread for a specified time in Milliseconds. Here, Thread does not lose its ownership… Read More
Today’s generation is living in a world where everything is changing quickly, technologies are improving and changing day by day, businesses are expanding and growing… Read More
Business Hosting: Business Hosting, as the name suggests, is basically a web hosting package on a server provided to online business and e-commerce of all… Read More
Web Hosting: Web Hosting, as the name suggests, is a type of hosting that makes files that comprise a website available for viewing online as… Read More
The current business sector is completely moving towards a digital market where each business irrespective of its size now requires its digital presence for the… Read More
Software Development: Software Development, as the name suggests, is a process of developing software products that involve analyzing the needs of users and then design,… Read More

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