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URL stands for Uniform Resource Location. A URL contains a protocol, server name or IP Address, Port Number, filename, or directory name. URL is a… Read More
1. RKT :RKT (pronounced as “rocket”) is a CLI for running app containers on a Linux platform. Its main purpose is to be secure, fast,… Read More
1. CMD: A CMD file is a script file that incorporates one or more instructions in a simple textual content format that are performed in… Read More
1. Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) :It stands for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access. It essentially makes use of the identical technology as that… Read More
When creating Dockerfiles, it’s often necessary to transfer files from the host system into the Docker image. These could be property files, native libraries, or… Read More
1. Cache coherence :Cache coherence in computer architecture refers to the consistency of shared resource data that is stored in multiple local caches. When clients… Read More
1. Long Polling :It is a technology client requests for data from the server besides waiting for an instant response or essentially entails making an… Read More
1. Datagram switching :Datagram packet switching is a packet switching method that treats each packet, or datagram, as a separate entity. Each packet is routed… Read More
JOINS :Joins in SQL are used to combine rows from multiple tables on a specific condition, which is a relation between the columns of two… Read More
Prerequisite : Basic knowledge of web development in NodeJs. Basic knowledge about dependency management. In this article, we will see the difference between Bawer and… Read More
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation): WCF, as the name suggests, is a unified .NET framework that is used to develop service-oriented applications. It allows you to… Read More
Class is a detailed description, the definition, and the template of what an object will be. But it is not the object itself. Also, what… Read More
StrongLoop Node is a packaged distribution of Node.js, NPM, and the slc. The slc is a command-line utility and a set of supported npm modules… Read More
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation): WPF, as the name suggests, is a UI framework used for developing Windows or desktop client applications. It is the latest… Read More
A variable is a name given to a memory location. It is the basic unit of storage in a program. The value stored in a… Read More

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