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Window.location is a property that returns a Location object with information about the document’s current location. This Location object represents the location (URL) of the… Read More
When we open our package.json file and search for dependency property and in there we find the packages that are listed as a nested object… Read More
Event handling in HTML and React are different from one another in terms of syntax and some rules. The reason behind this is that React… Read More
PERN Stack: PERN stack is a technology that uses PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node.js to construct a full-fledged self-independent web application.  PostgreSQL — It is… Read More
Have you ever wondered how can we pass the data between the components in ReactJS? We can pass the data between the components using Props… Read More
Firebase:  It is a Backend-as-a-Service that offers developers a way to build, manage, set up their functions with ease. It is brought through Google and… Read More
Let us first do discuss them in order to get the understanding alongside an example to interpret the differences. Here first we will be discussing… Read More
Eclipse is a standard package that is ideal for java and plug-in development, as well as introducing new plugins. Eclipse is mostly used for Java… Read More
1. Regression TestingIt is the process of testing the modified parts of the code and the parts that might get affected due to the modifications… Read More
1. Scripted testing:  In Scripted testing to test specific functionality a tester follows a detailed step-by-step systematic approach. For this testing in advance the tester… Read More
In this article we will discuss about similarities and differences between MongoDB and Cassandra.1. MongoDB :MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. It is an… Read More
Prerequisite : Semaphores in Process SynchronizationOverview A semaphore is an integer variable that is useful for solving a variety of synchronization problems. It imposes deliberate… Read More
1. Pessimistic Approach : A Pessimistic approach is an approach of concurrency control algorithms in which the transaction is delayed if there is a conflict… Read More
1. Abstract data type (ADT) :An Abstract data type (ADT) is a mathematical model for data types. We can think of Abstract Data Type as… Read More
Web Role: Web Role is a Cloud Service role in Azure that is customized to run web-based applications developed by programming languages supported by IIIS… Read More

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