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With the advancement of technology, different sectors are shifting from traditional business to digital or e-commerce. Each and every organization whether small or big wants… Read More
Cinema 4D and 3Ds Max both are advanced modelling, sculpting and animation software used for creating different styles of animation, models, visual effects etc. They… Read More
With the advancement of technology, different sectors are evolving to produce quality work, one such sector is the civil engineering sector which is the backbone… Read More
ZBrush and Blender both are advanced modelling and animation software used for creating different styles of animation. They are used by individuals as well as… Read More
Industries all over the world are shifting from traditional methods of selling or marketing to digital methods and for this purpose, they are using visual… Read More
Appium is an automation tool that was built for testing all types of applications whether mobile, web or hybrid applications. It is open-source software that… Read More
When you write data to a storage medium whether it’s a hard drive or an SSD or an SD card or a micro SD card… Read More
Pop! OS is a free and open-source Linux system based on Ubuntu and features the COSMIC Gnome desktop environment. System76, an American Linux computer vendor,… Read More
A shell is an environment in which various commands can be executed, it provides an interface between the user and the UNIX system. Basically, a… Read More
What is APT? APT (Advanced Package Tool) is a free software user interface for Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions that interacts with core libraries to… Read More
If you are a Linux user, you must have heard of the term Desktop Environment. It is one of the deciding factors when choosing a… Read More
ownCloud is a client-server software suite that allows you to create and use file hosting services. ownCloud is similar to the popular Dropbox in terms… Read More
Generally, a machine learning pipeline is a series of steps, executed in an order wise to automate the machine learning workflows. A series of steps… Read More
wget and curl are the commands that are used to HTTP requests without any GUI or software, rather we use the Terminal in Linux that… Read More
Friction is defined as the force that opposes the motion between any surfaces, fluid layers, and any other material in contact with each other. Friction… Read More

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