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Decibel is the unit of sound intensity. It is the ratio of two physical quantities and then the logarithm of the ratio is taken. It… Read More
Arrays: The array is a collection of the same type of elements at contiguous memory locations under the same name.  It is easier to access… Read More
Queue: The queue is an abstract data type or linear data structure from which elements can be inserted at the rear(back) of the queue and… Read More
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Here, we will discuss the difference between Desktop application testing, client-server application testing, and web application. What is Desktop Testing? In these testing, required applications… Read More
R programming language provides many tools and packages to visualize the data points using interactive plots. The plots can be annotated or customized with different… Read More
In simple terms, the filesystem is a database containing physical locations of files and data for easy retrieval at the time when it is needed.… Read More
A capitalist economy is an economy where organizations and people own the elements of creation. Here, variables of creation allude to business, normal assets, capital… Read More
CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, Curriculum Vitae is a written document that contains details about a person’s past education, experience, knowledge, skill, competencies, accomplishments, projects,… Read More
The full form of VB is Visual Basic and VBScript is Visual Basic Scripting. These are the two major programming languages that play an important… Read More
Images are an extremely powerful way to present information either for showing a new product or service or to explain any typical concept. Around 3.2… Read More
Bitcoin and Litecoin are cryptocurrencies. These are the cryptocurrencies that are used for exchanging currency. These are used as proof-of-work of the mechanism. It uses… Read More
Biodiversity is the diversity of living things from a variety of sources, including terrestrial, marine, and desert ecosystems as well as the ecological complexes to… Read More
Each and every sector is moving towards online platforms so they need to build user interfaces and for that, vector graphics editing software is a… Read More
SoC stands for System on Chip it is a small integrated chip that contains all required components and circuits of a particular system. However, SBC… Read More