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The wait() and join() methods are used to pause the current thread. The wait() is used in with notify() and notifyAll() methods, but join() is… Read More
Array has length property which provides the length of the Array or Array object. It is the total space allocated in memory during the initialization… Read More
Big Data includes huge volume, high velocity, and extensible variety of data. These are 3 types: Structured data, Semi-structured data, and Unstructured data.   Structured data… Read More
IPv4 and IPv6 are internet protocol version 4 and internet protocol version 6, IP version 6 is the new version of Internet Protocol, which is… Read More
HashSet is an implementation of Set Interface which does not allow duplicate value. The main thing is, objects that are stored in HashSet must override… Read More
GUI and CUI are two types of User Interfaces. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface while CUI stands for Character User Interface. In this article… Read More
Generally, we hear different designations about CS Engineers like Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Data Engineer. Let us discuss the differences between the above three… Read More
Prerequisites – SQL, NoSQL When it comes to choosing a database the biggest decisions is picking a relational (SQL) or non-relational (NoSQL) data structure. While both… Read More
In programming, a library is a collection of pre-compiled pieces of code that can be reused in a program. Libraries simplify life for programmers, in… Read More
Prerequisites – HTTP, FTP, and SMTP HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, FTP for File Transfer Protocol, while SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.… Read More
Normally we hear he is a programmer, he is a developer and he is a hacker and he is a Computer scientist. But what is… Read More
Prerequisite – WHERE Clause, GROUP BY, Having vs Where Clause Where and Group By clauses are used to filter rows returned by the query based… Read More
PDOStatement::bindParam() Function The PDOStatement::bindParam() function is an inbuilt function in PHP that is used to bind a parameter to the specified variable name. This function… Read More
Break and continue are same type of statements which is specifically used to alter the normal flow of a program still they have some difference… Read More
There are some syntactical structures that are valid for both C and C++ but different behavior when compiled and run in the both languages. Several… Read More

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