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The term PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a server-side scripting language designed specifically for web development. It is open-source which means… Read More
NAND and NOR gates are universal logic gates, which means any Boolean expression can be implemented without using any other gate. Using only NOR gates… Read More
Aligning the views while designing an application is a quite tedious task. Isn’t it? Here comes layout attributes to the rescue! Each layout has a… Read More
In math, a system that is used to represent numbers in different forms is defined as a number system. A mathematical value that is used… Read More
In this article, we are going to see the differences between  tf.Session() and tf.InteractiveSession(). tf.Session() In TensorFlow, the computations are done using graphs. But when… Read More
Views refer to as a user interface in android. The front end of the application is made by using widgets and views. The prominent language… Read More
The expression “cottage industry” alludes to assembling organizations that do the greater part of their work the hard way. India is perceived and known for… Read More
Canals are systems of rivers or man-made waterways used to move water or support water transportation vessels. They can also help with irrigation. It can… Read More
Decibel is the unit of sound intensity. It is the ratio of two physical quantities and then the logarithm of the ratio is taken. It… Read More
Arrays: The array is a collection of the same type of elements at contiguous memory locations under the same name.  It is easier to access… Read More
Queue: The queue is an abstract data type or linear data structure from which elements can be inserted at the rear(back) of the queue and… Read More
Blockchain and Hashgraph are similar technologies that are used to store transactional data. Both are distributed ledger technologies. The article focuses on discussing the difference… Read More
Here, we will discuss the difference between Desktop application testing, client-server application testing, and web application. What is Desktop Testing? In these testing, required applications… Read More
R programming language provides many tools and packages to visualize the data points using interactive plots. The plots can be annotated or customized with different… Read More
In simple terms, the filesystem is a database containing physical locations of files and data for easy retrieval at the time when it is needed.… Read More

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