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Unix systems have a time utility that allows a user to see where their application took significant time to process. The syntax of this utility… Read More
Energy can exist in many structures and heat is one of the most interesting. Heat is regularly covered up, as it possibly exists when on… Read More
A text file is the one in which data is stored in the form of ASCII characters and is normally used for storing a stream… Read More
Log and Ln stand for Logarithm and Natural Log respectively. Logarithms are essential for solving equations where an unknown variable appears as the exponent of… Read More
Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. In this article, we will see… Read More
The most common type of diode is a semiconductor diode. Only when a specified threshold voltage is present in the forward direction (i.e. the “low… Read More
In this article, we will be going to cover the topic what is proto and prototypes, their syntax, examples, and what are differences exist between… Read More
Spring MVC framework enables separation of modules namely Model, View, and Controller, and seamlessly handles the application integration. This enables the developer to create complex… Read More
Both Set.clear() and Set.delete() methods modify the present Set by removing elements. But there are some fundamental differences between these two, which will be discussed… Read More
Software testing is the process of examining and verifying the correctness of software by considering its all attributes like Reliability, Scalability, Portability, etc, and evaluating… Read More
Driver or Device Driver is software that helps in communication between the Operating System and the different hardware of the computer. They act as intermediaries… Read More
Dependency Injection and Factory Pattern are almost similar in the sense that they both follow the interface-driven programming approach and create the instance of classes.… Read More
The throw statement allows you to create an exception or a custom error. The exception can be like a Javascript string, a number, a boolean,… Read More
Having the own or personal website is a necessity in today’s world for every business or even for a personal need but what technology or… Read More
In this article, we will discuss all the differences between nth-child() and nth-of-type() selectors in jQuery.  nth-child() Selector: This selector is used to match the… Read More

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