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1. Endpoint Security : Endpoint Security also called Endpoint Protection Software is an security approach to detect malicious network activities and other cyber attacks and… Read More
1. Barcode : Barcode is a widely used method to store information pictorially in a computer understandable format. It uses lines and spaces to store numbers.… Read More
1. Fastag : Fastag has revolutionized the way toll taxes are paid. It has been developed by the national payments Corporation of India and is used… Read More
1. Thunderbolt : Apple and Intel developed thunderbolt. It is the latest specification that effectively uses PCI Express and Apple’s Mini DisplayPort technology. The Thunderbolt… Read More
1. Hive : Hive is a data warehouse software for querying and managing large distributed datasets, built on Hadoop. It is developed by Apache Software… Read More
Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages for developing a variety of applications. The popularity of Java can be attributed to its versatility… Read More
1. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP): In BGP, Transmission Control Protocol is used. It is a type of mesh topology or design. It works by two independent… Read More
1. AIX : AIX is a series of proprietary operating systems which is provided by IBM. AIX stands for Advanced Interactive eXecutive. Initially it was… Read More
1. dBASE : dBASE was one of the most successful database management systems for microcomputers. It was the first commercially successful database system for personal computers.… Read More
1. Hardware: Hardware is the computer’s part that is seen and touched by us. These are the physical parts of the computer. Which make up… Read More
Testing simply means an activity that is performed in software engineering to check whether actual result matches expected result or not and to ensure and… Read More
Analysis simple means to study or examine the structure of something, elements, and system requirements in detail, and methodical way. Structured analysis and Object-oriented analysis… Read More
1. DVD-R : DVD-R, abbreviated to Digital Versatile Disc Recordable, is a common recordable DVD format that looks just like a regular DVD, but it… Read More
1. TitanFile : TitanFile is a file sharing service and cloud storage service which is provided by TitanFile Incorporation. It is one of the secure cloud… Read More
1. Tresorit : Tresorit is a cloud storage, file synchronization and file sharing service which is provided by Tresorit. It is one of the most secure… Read More

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