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 A monotonic queue is a data structure that supports efficient insertion, deletion, and retrieval of elements in a specific order, typically in increasing or decreasing… Read More
A Priority Queue is a data structure that allows you to insert elements with a priority, and retrieve the element with the highest priority.  You… Read More
What is a Thread-safe Queue? A thread-safe queue is a data structure that is designed to provide thread safety for a concurrent environment.  It is… Read More
Given a stack, the task is to reverse the stack using the queue data structure. Examples: Input: Stack: (Top to Bottom) [10 -> 20 ->… Read More
Basic Operations on Queue:  Some of the basic operations for Queue in Data Structure are: enqueue() – Insertion of elements to the queue. dequeue() –… Read More
What is Size Limited Queue? Size limited queue is the same as a normal queue but it has the special property that at any time… Read More
The Task is to extract the last element of the priority queue without traversing it. Approach: This problem can be solved using a Double-ended priority… Read More
What is a circular Queue? A circular queue is a non-primitive, linear data structure. It is an extended version of a linear queue. It is… Read More
Queue: Queue is an Interface that extends the collection Interface in Java and this interface belongs to java.util package.  A queue is a type of… Read More
Add() and Offer() are the methods used for adding the elements in the Queue. But both have their main function and they treat the elements… Read More
What is Queue? Queue is an abstract data type that is open at both ends. One end is always used to insert data (enqueue) which… Read More
Given an array nums[] of size N and a starting index K. In one move from index i we can move to any other index… Read More
Java Queue Interface The Java.util package has the interface Queue, which extends the Collection interface. It is employed to preserve the components that are handled… Read More
Queues: A queue is a linear data structure in which elements are inserted from one end called the rear end and deleted from another end… Read More
A queue is a linear data structure in which insertion is done from one end called the rear end and deletion is done from another… Read More

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