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Category Archives: Linked List

The linked list stores data in sequential storage, like arrays. Though the data are stored sequentially, the memory locations are not contiguous.Unlike an array, the… Read More
Given a pre define size of a list N and an array Arr. The task is to implement Least Recently Used(LRU) algorithm using Double Linked… Read More
Given the head of a Linked List of size N, consisting of binary integers 0s and 1s, the task is to sort the given linked… Read More
Given an unsorted Singly Linked List consisting of N nodes that may contain duplicate elements, the task is to remove all but the last occurrence… Read More
Given a sorted doubly linked list of N nodes and an integer X, the task is to find the sum of three nodes in the… Read More
Given two unsorted Linked Lists, L1 of N nodes and L2 of M nodes, the task is to merge them to get a sorted singly… Read More
Given a doubly-linked list containing N nodes, where each node is at most K away from its target position in the list, the task is… Read More
Given a circular singly linked list, the task is to print the next greater element for each node in the linked list. If there is… Read More
An Orthogonal Linked List is a data structure composed of fundamental elements called Nodes (similar to linked lists). Each node in an orthogonal Linked List… Read More
Given the head of the linked list representing a positive integer, the task is to print the updated linked list after subtracting 1 from it.… Read More
As we all can depict from the below figure that doubly LinkedList requires two link fields in order to store the address of the next… Read More
Given a sorted doubly linked list and an integer X, the task is to print all the quadruplets in the doubly linked list whose sum… Read More
In this article, two types of Radix Sort are discussed: LSD Radix Sort: It starts sorting from the end of strings (the Least significant digit).… Read More
Data structures are divided into two categories Linear data structures and Non-Linear data structures. The major disadvantage of the linear data structure is we cannot… Read More
Given a linked list consisting of N nodes and an integer K, the task is to split the given Linked List into K continuous groups… Read More

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