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Category Archives: C++ Programs

Bitonic Sequence A sequence is called Bitonic if it is first increasing, then decreasing. In other words, an array arr[0..n-i] is Bitonic if there exists… Read More
Pigeonhole sorting is a sorting algorithm that is suitable for sorting lists of elements where the number of elements and the number of possible key… Read More
Comb Sort is mainly an improvement over Bubble Sort. Bubble sort always compares adjacent values. So all inversions are removed one by one. Comb Sort… Read More
Given a number, find a representation of number as sum of non-consecutive Fibonacci numbers.Examples: Input: n = 10 Output: 8 2 8 and 2 are… Read More
In shellSort, we make the array h-sorted for a large value of h. We keep reducing the value of h until it becomes 1. An… Read More
Bubble Sort is the simplest sorting algorithm that works by repeatedly swapping the adjacent elements if they are in the wrong order. This algorithm is… Read More
Given two numbers, write a C program to swap the given numbers. Input : x = 10, y = 20; Output : x = 20,… Read More
Given an array of integers, find sum of its elements. Examples : Input : arr[] = {1, 2, 3} Output : 6 1 + 2… Read More
Similar to the Merge Sort algorithm, the Quick Sort algorithm is a Divide and Conquer algorithm. It initially selects an element as a pivot element… Read More
Given a number ‘n’, how to check if n is a Fibonacci number. First few Fibonacci numbers are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,… Read More
Topological sorting for Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is a linear ordering of vertices such that for every directed edge uv, vertex u comes before v… Read More
Heap sort is a comparison-based sorting technique based on Binary Heap data structure. It is similar to the selection sort where we first find the… Read More
Given a number n, print all primes smaller than or equal to n. It is also given that n is a small number. For example,… Read More
LCS Problem Statement: Given two sequences, find the length of longest subsequence present in both of them. A subsequence is a sequence that appears in… Read More
The Longest Increasing Subsequence (LIS) problem is to find the length of the longest subsequence of a given sequence such that all elements of the… Read More

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