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Maps are associative containers that store elements in a mapped fashion. Each element has a key value and a mapped value. No two mapped values… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N integers, the task is to count the number of clumps in the given array.  Clump is defined as a… Read More
Prerequisite: C++ STL, Iterators in C++ STL The iterator is not the only way to iterate through any STL container. There exists a better and… Read More
Code bloat is the production of code that is perceived as unnecessarily long, slow, or otherwise wasteful of resources. It is a problem in Software… Read More
Prerequisite: map lower_bound() function in C++ STL, map upper_bound() function in C++ STL In this article, we will discuss the implementation of the lower_bound() and… Read More
GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collections which is used to compile mainly C and C++ language. It can also be used to compile Objective C… Read More
In C++ programming, the background of the output screen is black and text color is in white color. We can color both the background and… Read More
Standard output stream(cout): cout is the instance of the ostream class. cout is used to produce output on the standard output device which is usually… Read More
PNG images are capable of supporting multiple image properties such as multiple colors, degree of transparency, Gamma correction, Lossless compression, etc. PNG images are widely… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to find the absolute value of the given integer.Examples:   Input: N = -6 Output: 6Input: N = 12 Output: 12  … Read More
Given an array arr[] containing N distances of inch-feet system, such that each element of the array represents a distance in the form of {inch,… Read More
The std::is_heap() function in C++ Standard Template Library is used to check whether a given range of elements forms Max Heap or not. It returns… Read More
Given N lines in a plane in the form of a 2D array arr[][] such that each row consists of 2 integers(say m & c)… Read More
Prerequisite:   Namespace in C++ | Set 1 (Introduction) Namespace in C++ | Set 2 (Extending namespace and Unnamed namespace) Namespace in C++ | Set 3… Read More

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