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Category Archives: C++ Programs

In C, %n is a special format specifier. In the case of printf() function the %n assign the number of characters printed by printf(). When… Read More
Ellipsis in C++ allows the function to accept an indeterminate number of arguments. It is also known as the variable argument list. Ellipsis tells the… Read More
Prerequisite: graphics.h, How to include graphics.h?  In C/C++ there is graphics.h header file which is used to create the object like line, circle, etc. Given an… Read More
Prerequisites: l-value and r-value references in C++, Copy Constructor in C++. What is a Move Constructor?   The copy constructors in C++ work with the… Read More
Prerequisite: List, Stack Lists are sequence containers that allow non-contiguous memory allocation. As compared to vector, list has slow traversal, but once a position has… Read More
A C++ tuple is a container that can store multiple values of multiple types in it. We can access the elements of the tuple using… Read More
Given a Unix Timestamp T (in seconds) for a given point in time, the task is to convert it to human-readable format (DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS) Example:… Read More
The purpose of the exit() function is to terminate the execution of a program. The “return 0”(or EXIT_SUCCESS) implies that the code has executed successfully… Read More
Unspecified Behavior terminology is used by users of C and C++. It is defined as Annex-J of C11 standard. Let us learn about this terminology… Read More
In this article we will discuss the implementation of the lower_bound() and upper_bound() in an array of pairs. lower_bound(): It returns an iterator pointing to… Read More
Given two numbers A and B, the task is to find the sum of the given two numbers.Examples:  Input: A = 5, B = 6 Output:… Read More
Given a vector of arrays, the task is to sort them. Examples: Input: [[1, 2, 3], [10, 20, 30], [30, 60, 90], [10, 20, 10]]… Read More
Pointers and References in C++ held close relation with one another. The major difference is that the pointers can be operated on like adding values… Read More
The floating-point numbers serve as rough approximations of mathematical real numbers. They do not represent the exact value. For this reason, we compare the arithmetic… Read More
GCC compiler installation We need to install GCC compilers for Windows. Linux has already GCC installed. Steps for installation 1.Download and Install the MinGW for… Read More

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