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This function is included in the “boost/algorithm/string” library. The Boost String Algorithms Library provides a generic implementation of string-related algorithms which are missing in STL.… Read More
Geany is a lightweight, high-performance Integrated Development Environment system that supports the most used programming languages, i.e  C/C++, Java, Python2.x/3/x, etc. It was developed in… Read More
It can be said that calling a function is necessary, returning from a function is equally necessary as it does not only end up in… Read More
Encryption in cryptography is a process by which a plain text or a piece of information is converted into ciphertext or a text which can… Read More
Given N persons are standing in a circle and an integer K. If initially starting from the first position, the Kth alive person clockwise from… Read More
Given a string S consisting of N characters of the English alphabet, the task is to check if the given string is a palindrome. If… Read More
Files play an important role in programming. It allows storage of data permanently. The C++ language provides a mechanism to store the output of a… Read More
Given the dimensions of the 3D Shapes like Cube, Cuboid, or Cylinder, the task is to find the volume of all the 3D Shapes using… Read More
Memory Limit Exceeded Error: It typically occurs when no memory limit has been set. It means that the program is trying to allocate more memory… Read More
QuickSort is a Divide and Conquer Algorithm. It picks an element as a pivot and partitions the array around the picked pivot. There are many… Read More
The in-built STL library function binary_search() for searching a given string is present or not in the given string array. Binary search is a divide… Read More
Rahul and Ankit are the only two waiters in the Royal Restaurant. Today, the restaurant received N orders. The amount of tips may differ when… Read More
A function is a set of statements that take inputs, perform some specific computation, and produce output. The idea to use functions is to perform… Read More
Function Pointer: A function pointer, or a subroutine pointer, or a procedure pointer, is a pointer that points to a function. In simple words, it… Read More
In this article, a scanning algorithm known as the Hillis-Steele Scan, also known as Parallel Prefix Scan Algorithm, is discussed. A scan operation in this… Read More

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