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Category Archives: Theory of Computation & Automata

Prerequisite – Turing Machine The language L = {anbmcnm | n >= 0 and m>=0} represents a kind of language where we use only 3… Read More
Prerequisite – Turing Machine The language L = {02n1n | n >= 0} represents a kind of language where we use only 2 symbols, i.e.,… Read More
Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) is defined as an abstract mathematical concept which is used to solve various specific problems in different software and hardware.In this… Read More
In 1936, A method named as lambda-calculus was created by Alonzo Church in which the Church numerals are well defined, i.e. the encoding of natural… Read More
1. DFA: DFA refers to Deterministic Finite Automaton. A Finite Automata(FA) is said to be deterministic if corresponding to an input symbol, there is a single… Read More
DFA machines are designed to accept the specific kind of input whose output is generated by the transition of input alphabet from each state. Approach… Read More
A string w is called palindrome if reading w from left to right gives the same result as reading w from right to left.An even… Read More
After converting a number to its binary form, replace every one of the number with 0 and every 0 with 1, then the resulting number… Read More
Given a machine in the formal language of N states and M pairs of output combinations in the form of 2D array arr[][]. Each row(say… Read More
Mealy machine is a finite-state machine, its current state and the current inputs determines the output of this machine.  2’s complement : It is the mathematical… Read More
Context-Free Language (CFL) is a language which is generated by a context-free grammar or Type 2 grammar(according to Chomsky classification) and gets accepted by a… Read More
Optimize state table form a given state table of a completely specified machine using partition based algorithm. Examples:  Input : 6 E 0 D 1… Read More
Prerequisites: Finite AutomataGiven a string str consisting of characters a, b and c, check if the number of occurrences of any character in the string… Read More
Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA) is a finite automata having zero, one or more than one moves from a given state on a given input symbol.… Read More
Given a string consisting of characters a and b, check if the string starts and ends with the same character or not. If it does,… Read More

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