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Category Archives: Theory of Computation & Automata

Prerequisite – Turing Machine Problem : Draw Turing machine to accept maximum of two unary numbers n1 and n2 given as B0n1C0n2B. If two numbers… Read More
Problem Statement : Design and construct Non deterministic finite automata machine that accepts the string over input alphabets (a, b, c) with atleast one of… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction of Finite Automata C++ Program to construct an NFA which accepts the set of strings over an alphabet {0, 1, 2} such that… Read More
Prerequisite – Context Free Grammars 1. Ambiguous Grammar : A context-free grammar is called ambiguous grammar if there exists more than one derivation tree or… Read More
We already know about Finite Automata which can be used to accept regular languages and Pushdown Automata that can be used to recognize Context Free… Read More
Finite Automata is known as a finite state machine that are acceptable otherwise not acceptable. on the input alphabet ‘0’ and 1′. Determine the initial… Read More
Prerequisite – Clique is NP A Polynomial-time reduction is a method for solving one problem using another. E-TM = {<M> : M is a TM… Read More
Prerequisite: Introduction to Deterministic Finite Automata Construct a DFA that accepts string str starting with input alphabet ‘a’ but does not contain ‘aab’ as a substring… Read More
Prerequisite – Design a Finite automata  Let’s understand the intersection of two DFA with an example. Designing a DFA for the set of string over {0,… Read More
Post Correspondence Problem is a popular undecidable problem that was introduced by Emil Leon Post in 1946. It is simpler than Halting Problem. In this… Read More
Problem Statement: Design a Definite Finite Automata for accepting the permutation of Three a’s and Three b’s over the input {a, b}  Input: S =… Read More
Given a binary string str, the task is to build a DFA that accepts given binary string if it contains “01” i times and “1”… Read More
Prerequisite – Converting Context Free Grammar to Chomsky Normal Form CYK algorithm is a parsing algorithm for context free grammar. In order to apply CYK… Read More
Prerequisite – NP-Completeness The decision problem of path selection problem asks if it is possible to select at least k paths from the given paths… Read More
Given binary string str, the task is to build a DFA that accepts the string if the string either starts with “01” or ends with… Read More

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