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Category Archives: Theory of Computation & Automata

Given a string S, the task is to design a Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) for accepting the language L = {aNbM | N ≥ 0,… Read More
Prerequisite: Designing Finite Automata DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata or Acceptor) is a finite state machine that accepts or rejects strings of symbols. DFA accepts the… Read More
1. Computational complexity :Computational complexity, a measure of the number of computing resources(time and space) that a particular algorithm consumes when it runs. The time… Read More
Minimization of DFA using Myhill-Nerode Theorem :Minimization of DFA is Required to obtain the minimal and equivalent version of any DFA which consists of minimum… Read More
The Myhill Nerode theorem is a fundamental result coming down to the theory of languages. This theory was proven by John Myhill and Anil Nerode… Read More
Prerequisite – Turing Machine Turing Machines can broadly be classified into two types, the Acceptors and the Transducers. Acceptor Turing Machine is an automaton used… Read More
Suppose we have a question : Que: Construct minimal state DFA that accepts set of all binary no. which is 2 mod 5(say) Ans: 5… Read More
Transition Table :Transition function(∂) is a function which maps Q * ∑ into Q . Here ‘Q’ is set of states and ‘∑’ is input… Read More
Ladner’s theorem in TOC :As you presumably know, regardless of whether  P = NP is a significant perplexing issue in field of Computer Science. In… Read More
Reduction Theorem :A reduction from A to B is a function              f : Σ1* → Σ2* such that For… Read More
For solving complex problems we require efficient algorithm. We face so many problems and some of them can be solved by using an algorithm and… Read More
Lex :The Lex program has purpose of generating lexical analyzer. Lex analyzers are a program that transform input streams into sequence of tokens. A C… Read More
DFA or Deterministic Finite Automata is a finite state machine, in which on every input alphabet a transition is done from one state to another… Read More
Problem Overview – Design a DFA in LEX Code that accepts the string having even binary number over input alphabet  {0,1}. Example – Attention reader! Don’t stop… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the overview of the LEX Code that accepts the string with 0 only. And will implement with LEX code… Read More

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