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HLookup :Horizontal Lookup function is called as HLookup function. This function used to find values horizontally across a set of rows in a table. It… Read More
In this, we will cover the overview of the project management system, its functionalities, components, and will also cover the functionalities of project work system… Read More
Working as a Test lead or a test manager means being involved in planning, monitoring, and control of the testing activities and tasks as a… Read More
In this, we will discuss the overview of Activity Based Costing, technique, objectives, and a final summary of Activity Based Costing. Let’s discuss each section… Read More
Software Engineering is a systematic and cost-effective technique for Software Development. It is an engineering approach to develop Software. For example: If someone wants to… Read More
Scrum is the best Agile practice in today’s world. This article includes all the concepts regarding product backlog, team role, sprints, burndown charts, and more.… Read More
Introduction :The essence of ERP is the fundamental approach that takes an integrated view of the subject. The established application systems, which the organization generally… Read More
An Enterprise is a group of people which has certain resources as its control to achieve its goal. It acts as a single entity. This… Read More
Software testing techniques are the ways employed to test the application under test against the functional or non-functional requirements gathered from business. Each testing technique… Read More
Software Engineering is a complete domain in itself, and it is one of the most growing fields in the IT industry. As technology is growing… Read More
The productivity, if measured only in terms of lines of code per unit of time, can vary a lot depending on the complexity of the… Read More
1. Emulator :Emulator, as name suggests, is basically hardware or software that enables one device to behave as if it were something else. It usually… Read More
1. Emulator Testing :Emulator Testing, as name suggests, is a type of testing that allows us to debug flows while testing app. It is very… Read More
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a set of exercises for ensuring quality in software measures. It ensures that created programming meets and follows the characterized… Read More
Introduction :In this, you will see the overview of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. And mainly our focus on Difference between Continuous Integration and Continuous… Read More

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