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Prerequisite: Six Sigma in Software Engineering 1. DMAIC : DMAIC is a part of the six sigma program which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve,… Read More
1. DMAIC : Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control in short referred as DMAIC. When it is fully implemented, ideates new process solution and problem… Read More
1. ITOps :  ITOps  stands for Information Technologies Operation or IT operations refers to the process and service administration by several organization and there. In… Read More
Prerequisites : software-testing Model based testing is nothing but simple testing technique in which we get different test cases that described by the model. In… Read More
A multimedia project is a classic software project which is developed using multimedia technology with the specific aim of distributing information in an entertaining and… Read More
Nowadays in the 21st generation, we must cope with each and every piece of information or data we get. When we usually hear about pipelines,… Read More
AIOps : Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations in short it is referred as AIOps. AIOps is the advance application of data analytics which we get… Read More
1. Data management :Data management is the creation and execution of the  policies, architecture and procedures that manage the complete data lifecycle needs of Business.… Read More
Now, people are more active in different social software applications. When technology advances along with that people are also adopting new technologies to communicate, collaborate,… Read More
GitOps : GitOps is an emerging technology that is basically referred to as the ideal set of practices that empowers developers to perform the specific… Read More
In this article, we will know what is the difference between IT Chargeback and Showback, and their advantages and disadvantages. 1. IT Chargeback :An IT… Read More
Prerequisite : Software Testing In this article we will discuss about what is continuous testing, how it is performed, why it is performed and finally… Read More
IT Maturity : IT maturity is the measurement of an organization’s IT department capabilities. This measurement helps the organization to understand how well their business… Read More
Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) :Event-Driven Architecture is a software development approach in which services (operations) of the software are triggered by events. And that is why… Read More
Overview :Correctly tested software contains approximately 80% fewer errors after development. Controlling quality from the start has a significant impact on the outcome of each… Read More

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