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Category Archives: Software Engineering

Design Principles are used in ‘the process of designing products so that they can be used by as many people as possible in as many… Read More
Task-Centered system design  A variant of user-centered design, task-centered system design, is a technique that allows developers to design and evaluate interfaces based on users’… Read More
The demand for communication platforms is quite high. The communication sector is expected to grow by 15-20% by the year 2026. As competition is very… Read More
User-centered design is a discipline that focuses not on the user’s needs, but on the user’s wants, environment, likes, tastes, etc. Task-centered design is the… Read More
HCI(Human Computer Interaction) and Usability are becoming core concepts of the system development process to improve and enhance system facilities and to satisfy user needs… Read More
Randomized Block Design (RBD) In RBD, materials are assigned to homogeneous sub-groups which is named a block. It comes in the category of single-factor design.… Read More
A completely randomized design (CRD) is one where the treatments are assigned completely at random so that each experimental unit has the same chance of… Read More
Pre-requisite:- DevOps DevSecOps is a rapidly growing concept in the software development industry, combining elements of DevOps and security to create a more secure and… Read More
Complete Random Design (CRD) In CRD, as the name suggests, treatments are assigned completely randomly so that each treatment unit gets the same chance of… Read More
Pre-requisites: Software Engineering – Requirements Engineering Process  The requirement management process is the process of managing changing requirements during the requirements engineering process and system… Read More
Project Planning is an important activity performed by Project Managers. Project Managers can use the tools and techniques to develop, monitor, and control project timelines… Read More
JIRA is a tool for agile project management. It is developed by Atlassian. It fosters collaboration between teams, from concept to client so that you… Read More
Prerequisite: What is software engineering? What is the difference between an Inspection and Walkthrough?  The walkthrough is a review meeting process but it is different… Read More
Sequence Diagrams for an E-commerce Firm can be broken into 5 main functionalities: Sign Up Functionality Login Functionality Add to Cart Functionality Product Order Functionality… Read More
Software Process Assessment is a disciplined and organized examination of the software process which is being used by any organization bases the on the process… Read More

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