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Category Archives: Software Engineering

In recent years, software engineering has visible a change, with artificial Intelligence (AI) being integrated into one-of-a-kind factors of development, from automation to software. As… Read More
Pre-requisites:Software Engineering Software is the product with the set of instructions, programs used to operate the computer and to perform the specific tasks. The programs… Read More
Pre-requisites: COCOMO Model  Software is a program or set of programs containing instructions that provide desired functionality. And Engineering is the process of designing and… Read More
Kibana is an open-source visualization tool whereas Splunk comes under the category of log management and analysis. Both Kibana and Splunk are tools that have… Read More
Pre-requisites: Software Engineering In Software Engineering, the concept of a software failure curve is part of the hardware bathtub curve. According to the diagram, the… Read More
Both Jira and ServiceNow are popular platforms and offer great services. Jira is basically a bug-tracking tool that also helps in agile project management and… Read More
The Structure of a wireless communication link involves several key components that work together and maintains the connection between the transmitter and the receiver. Every… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Engineering | Agile Software Development Based on the needs or requests of customers or end-users, a body of work is broken down into… Read More
Messaging applications are the kind of applications that allows users to send and receive information using their internet connection. These are the kind of applications… Read More
The tools that are designed to help teams working on projects plan, track, and manage them in a way which are efficient are known as… Read More
To organize the workflow and coordinate teams, management tools are used. With the help of management tools, one can complete any tasks faster, track projects,… Read More
Chatting applications allows you to communicate and enables you to send and receive messages. These applications make it easier, simpler, and faster to connect with… Read More
Both JPanel and JFrame are classes available in the JAVA language. JPanel is a simple container class whose parent is a JComponent class whereas JFrame… Read More
Management tools are used when the work is to be organized and for the coordination of the teams. With the help of these kinds of… Read More
It is very obvious that when working with millions or thousands of data, the process of data visualization makes a designer’s job quite easy. Basically,… Read More