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Image : Most of the multimedia applications have to handle the various types of images. Digital image is the integral part of almost all multimedia… Read More
Overview :The traditional firewall provides a clear overview of network traffic jams. Allows or restricts traffic according to state, port, and protocol, and filters traffic… Read More
Overview :A firewall is a firmware or software that is an essential part of a computer network’s security system. In simple terms, it acts as… Read More
Introduction :Every Internet-connected device is identifiable through its IP address. In fact, many organizations employ IP geolocation (through a geolocation database download, an API or… Read More
Static IP on Windows :IP address is an authentic logical identity of a system connected in a network. All the systems used these IP addresses… Read More
The term Memory can be defined as a collection of data in a specific format. It is used to store instructions and process data. The… Read More
Normalization is a pre-processing stage of any type of problem statement. In particular, normalization takes an important role in the field of soft computing, cloud… Read More
Cyberspace is a complex environment consisting of interactions between people, software, and services, supported by the worldwide distribution of information and communication technology (ICT) devices… Read More
Cloud computing is the process of running workloads in the clouds – IT environments that abstract, aggregate, and share scalable resources across the network. Neither… Read More
A multimedia project is a classic software project which is developed using multimedia technology with the specific aim of distributing information in an entertaining and… Read More
A process in a multitasking system is brought from the secondary memory to the main memory and sometimes switched back to the secondary memory. Thus,… Read More
Prerequisite : Difference between Process and Thread, Difference between User Level thread and Kernel Level thread Introduction : In an operating system, there are a number… Read More
Prerequisite : Types of Transmission Media Introduction : Transmission media can be divided into two parts Guided Media and Unguided Media. In guided media, the signal… Read More
Nowadays in the 21st generation, we must cope with each and every piece of information or data we get. When we usually hear about pipelines,… Read More
AIOps : Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations in short it is referred as AIOps. AIOps is the advance application of data analytics which we get… Read More

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