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Today, different kinds of software are available where companies have to manage speed and productivity for the lifecycle of application. So they need to accomplish… Read More
Prerequisite : OSI Model Introduction : Presentation Layer is the 6th layer in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. This layer is also known as… Read More
Introductions :Identity Access and Management is abbreviated as IAM. In simple words, it restricts access to sensitive data while allowing employees to view, copy and… Read More
Given two integers N and K representing number of trials and number of total threads in parallel processing. The task is to find the estimated… Read More
Fork System Call: The fork system call is used for creating a new process, which is called the child process, which runs concurrently with the… Read More
Neural networks are a series of algorithms that act like a human brain to recognize patterns and among vast amounts of data. An artificial neural… Read More
MATLAB is a platform which provides millions of Engineers and Scientists to analyze data using programming and numerical computing algorithm and also help in creating… Read More
Bayes’ Theorem describes the probability of an event, based on precedent knowledge of conditions which might be related to the event. In other words, Bayes’… Read More
The data warehouse is structured by the integration of data from different sources. Several factors separate the data warehouse from the operational database. Since the… Read More
MATLAB is an interactive multi-programming language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks. MATLAB provides the Commands that will be used when the user wants… Read More
Calculus is important in different fields like engineering, physics, and other sciences, but the calculations are done by machines or computers, whether they are into… Read More
Overview :Data loss protection solutions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. The enterprise is searching for measures to decrease the danger of sensitive data… Read More
Overview :Software paradigm refers to method and steps, which are taken while designing the software programming paradigm is a subset of software design paradigm which… Read More
Prerequisite – ISO 9000 Certification in Software Engineering Overview :The mission of the International Standard Organization is to market the development of standardization and its… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the overview of the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (Open VAS) and will also cover its working, and its features,… Read More

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