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What is Latency ? First let’s take an eye over latency that what exactly it is, so latency is nothing just a value in terms… Read More
The Use Case Diagram is a UML Diagram where the each use-case specifies the behaviour expected from software from the perspective of end-user and relation… Read More
User Interface Design : The interaction of the user to the software program viable through the user interface design of the software program. There is… Read More
Data Governance : Data governance is an act that takes the action according to data provided using its own method. Data governance refers to a… Read More
Overview :Switch is a network device, which is configured to connect and maintain communication channel between various devices. Ethernet ports are present on a switch,… Read More
Machine Independent code optimization tries to make the intermediate code more efficient by transforming a section of code that doesn’t involve hardware components like CPU… Read More
In this article we will try to understand the details associated with the DMA (Direct Memory Access) like what exactly DMA is or how it… Read More
Prerequisite : Introduction of Firewall Introduction :A firewall proxy provides security by controlling the information going in and out of the network. Firewall proxy servers… Read More
What is hashing?Hashing is the process of converting any kind of data (usually passwords or installer files) into a fixed-length string. There are multiple types… Read More
The basic definition of an operating system is that the operating system is the interface between the computer hardware and the user. And in daily… Read More
Prerequisite : Six Sigma DFSS :DFSS stands for Design For Six Sigma. Six sigma is a strategy for improving the quality of products and customer… Read More
Prerequisite: Six Sigma in Software Engineering DMADV : DMADV is a process defined as Motorola which includes six sigma management philosophy. The term stands for… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing Feature testing : Feature Testing is the testing of various features present or to be included inside an app in order to… Read More
RASP : RASP term stands for Runtime Application Self Protection. A security driven technology that uses runtime instrumentation to detect and block computer attacks by… Read More
Prerequisite: Six Sigma in Software Engineering 1. DMAIC : DMAIC is a part of the six sigma program which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve,… Read More

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