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Morris et al. 1986 created a distributed computing environment for use as a campus computer and information system at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). An AFS… Read More
The distributed information system is defined as “a number of interdependent computers linked by a network for sharing information among them”. A distributed information system… Read More
Data masking is a very important concept to keep data safe from any breaches. Especially, for big organizations that contain heaps of sensitive data that… Read More
Prerequisites –  Collaborative Learning – Federated Learning, Google Cloud Platform – Understanding Federated Learning on Cloud In this article, we will learn review what is… Read More
VPN generally Stands for Virtual Private network. Its job is to ensure the safe delivery of data across public networks. By doing this, it allows… Read More
Overview :IP addresses and MAC addresses are essential for data communication. Assume there are two networks. The first network has three devices: A, B, C… Read More
Overview :Dark information is information that’s received via numerous laptop community operations however now no longer utilized in any way to derive insights or for… Read More
Gestation period of “@” : In 1970’s, there weren’t more awareness about threats and malicious activities. cybersecurity which was formally known as computer security was gradually… Read More
If in ANOVA test we come to a conclusion that we have to reject our null hypothesis(H0) and then we know that some treatment or… Read More
Multithreading is a Java feature that allows concurrent execution of two or more parts of a program for maximum utilization of CPU. Each part of… Read More
The nineteenth century accelerated the adoption of wide industrial processes, thus, the Industrial revolution. In the twentieth century, the rate of these processes was stimulated… Read More
In today’s modern world with the advancement of technology we can process the thoughts of humans, the machines are been designed which can think like… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to limit query results in SQL using different examples. A MySQL supports the LIMIT clause to select a… Read More
Prerequisite: Scrum, Working of Scrum in an Organization Daily Scrum Meeting :Daily scrum meeting also called as daily standup call is a meeting in which… Read More
As we know, there are number of different components are used during development of a software application/product. So, only using different components from different sources… Read More

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