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LLDP stands for Link Layer Discovery Protocol. It is an open IEEE-standard (802.1AB) Layer 2 protocol. LLDP is the open-source alternative for CDP (Cisco Discovery… Read More
Prerequisite: Agile Development Models  Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process of maintaining or building software applications/services/systems. Generally, it includes various levels from initial… Read More
Prerequisite : Agile Software Development, Scrum, Sprint and Sprint Call Agile project management can be a great help but it may seems complex if it… Read More
Partial derivatives can be used to find the maximum and minimum value (if they exist) of a two-variable function. We try to locate a stationary… Read More
1. CAT6 :Cat6 cable is derived from Category 6, it is a twisted pair cable for ethernet that is backward compatible with Cat3, Cat5, and… Read More
Network Congestion occurs when the traffic flowing through a network exceeds its maximum capacity. In most cases, congestion is a temporary issue with the network… Read More
Class diagram is a type of UML diagram which shows the properties and relationships among various objects. Class : The classes used in this system… Read More
The term “Pharming” is a combinative word formed using farming and phishing. Pharming is a way of online fraud by cybercriminals that install some malicious… Read More
1. CAM :Content Addressable Memory (CAM) is a peculiar computer memory used in high-speed search-oriented applications. CAM consists of conventional semiconductor memory, typically SRAM(static RAM)… Read More
Deep Packet Inspection is a technology through which internet service providers (ISPs) can track the network traffic and the real-time flow of data packets through… Read More
TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) is a protocol of the Transport layer. TCP is a connection-oriented, reliable, and secured protocol. To provide reliable service TCP implements Error… Read More
Computers communicate by transmitting bits of digital data from one device to another device through transmission media. You can send and receive data without worrying… Read More
Domain Name System (DNS) plays an essential role in maintaining the whole Internet infrastructure, so its failure makes the system unreachable for the user. DNS… Read More
Defect Clustering :When bugs are not properly distributed all over the application then some minor quantity of features causes a major quality-related issue in an… Read More
Prerequisite : Lean Development Model Developing a software product by following some standard is a better way of problem solving during development and contributing towards… Read More

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