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In distributed systems, transparency is defined as the masking from the user and the application programmer regarding the separation of components, so that the whole… Read More
Prerequisites: Routing Tables in Computer Network A router ID is a 32-bit Internet Protocol address that uniquely identifies a router or an interface in an… Read More
Functions are an important part of discrete mathematics. This article is all about functions, their types, and other details of functions. A function assigns exactly… Read More
A network that is connected with two devices as a link to execute two-way communication on the network. It receives and sends data to the… Read More
DSM is a mechanism that manages memory across multiple nodes and makes inter-process communications transparent to end-users. To design information shared memory we might deal… Read More
Distributed System is a collection of autonomous computer systems that are physically separated but are connected by a centralized computer network that is equipped with… Read More
Message passing is the interaction of exchanging messages between at least two processors. The cycle which is sending the message to one more process is… Read More
The design phase of software development deals with transforming the customer requirements as described in the SRS documents into a form implementable using a programming… Read More
Syntax Directed Translation is a set of productions that have semantic rules embedded inside it. The syntax-directed translation helps in the semantic analysis phase in… Read More
Functional Hazards occur when more than one input variable is manipulated at a time. They are non-solvable hazards and is impossible to eliminate them using… Read More
In Distributed File Systems (DFS), multiple machines are used to provide the file system’s facility. Different file system utilize different  conceptual models of a file.… Read More
Each and every sector is moving towards online platforms so they need to built user interfaces and for that, a vector graphics editing software is… Read More
Over the years digital paintings and 2D animation gained a lot of popularity due to their use in clickable web ads, creating banners, online marketing… Read More
POSIX stands for Portable Operating System Interface. It defines a set of standard operating system interfaces based on the UNIX OS. These standards are specified… Read More
Virtual Private Database(VPD) is the most popular secured database which was introduced by Oracle Database Enterprise. It is used when the object privileges and database… Read More

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