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Before we discuss the memories that are used in a Cisco router, let’s understand what basically a Router is. When we want to connect two… Read More
In this article, we will be building a location finder app that lets you search for different places on a map. Our app contains two… Read More
What is a Decision Table : Decision tables are used in various engineering fields to represent complex logical relationships. This testing is a very effective… Read More
Overview : Multi-cycle data path break up instructions into separate steps. It reduces average instruction time. Each step takes a single clock cycle Each functional… Read More
Types of Caches : L1 Cache : Cache built in the CPU itself is known as L1 or Level 1 cache. This type of cache… Read More
Let us know what an IP address is first, if you already know, skip this section.  IP (Internet Protocol): It is one of the fundamental protocols… Read More
What is Text.:- Collection of words or letters is called as text. This is a plain text-Geeks for Geeks This is a rich text- Geeks… Read More is the starting point of the reserved private network space that encompasses all IP addresses through the range. It refers to the IPv4… Read More
Real Time Tasks :A task whose performance is judged based on deadlines is termed as real time tasks. And the hardware System that handles the… Read More
The Myhill Nerode theorem is a fundamental result coming down to the theory of languages. This theory was proven by John Myhill and Anil Nerode… Read More
The switch with the best path to the root switch is set to forwarding. That switch is referred to as the designated switch, and its… Read More
Root Port:  A Root Port is a single selected port that has the lowest Path Cost to the Root Bridge. The Root Port on the… Read More
In this article, we are going to understand the difference between and IP addresses. However, before trying to understand the difference between different… Read More
1. ITSM: It is an actual practice or you can call it a professional discipline of managing different kinds of IT operations. The ITSM stand for… Read More
The SRS document is reviewed by the testing person or a group of persons by using any verification method (like peer reviews, walkthroughs, inspections, etc).… Read More

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