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A function f from A to B is an assignment of exactly one element of B to each element of A (A and B are… Read More
The GROUP BY Statement in SQL is used to arrange identical data into groups with the help of some functions. i.e if a particular column… Read More
As is any programming languages comments matter a lot in SQL also. In this set we will learn about writing comments in any SQL snippet. Comments… Read More
A translation needs to relate the static source text of a program to the dynamic actions that must occur at runtime to implement the program.… Read More
Constraints are the rules that we can apply on the type of data in a table. That is, we can specify the limit on the… Read More
Parser uses a CFG(Context-free-Grammar) to validate the input string and produce output for the next phase of the compiler. Output could be either a parse… Read More
Please refer this as a prerequisite article: Sliding Window Protocol (sender side)| set 1 Sliding Window Protocol is actually a theoretical concept in which we… Read More
DROP DROP is used to delete a whole database or just a table.The DROP statement destroys objects like an existing database, table, index, or view. A… Read More
In the SQL database for creating a table, we use a command called CREATE TABLE. SQL CREATE TABLE Statement A Table is a combination of… Read More
Decomposition of a relation is done when a relation in relational model is not in appropriate normal form. Relation R is decomposed into two or… Read More
SQL| JOIN(Inner, Left, Right and Full Joins) In this article, we will discuss about the remaining two JOINS: CARTESIAN JOIN SELF JOIN Consider the two… Read More
Functional Dependency A functional dependency A->B in a relation holds if two tuples having same value of attribute A also have same value for attribute… Read More
The Union Clause is used to combine two separate select statements and produce the result set as a union of both the select statements. NOTE:… Read More
SQL Join statement is used to combine data or rows from two or more tables based on a common field between them. Different types of Joins… Read More
Prerequisite:  SQL | WHERE Clause In the above mentioned article WHERE Clause is discussed in which LIKE operator is also explained, where you must have… Read More

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