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1. Hub : A Hub is just a connector that connects the wires coming from different sides. There is no signal processing or regeneration. It… Read More
Nowadays, a lot of organizations have started to build their own network storage system to fulfill the ever-lasting demands of data storage performance. Local Area… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing Pair Testing: Pair Testing is verification in software by duo team members operating behind a machine. The first member controls mouse and… Read More
Content addressable memory (CAM) is a data storage device, that stores memory in cells. When any aspect of the memory is entered, the CAM compares… Read More
Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer’s hardware to perform a specific task. The set of instructions that is the basis of… Read More
The airport is a complex system in which thousands of domestic and international flights function every day and it needs proper planning and execution to… Read More
URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a technical term that used for the names of all resources Connected to the World Wide Web.… Read More
The class diagram is the way to depict the relationships between various modules of any system. Here, we see about the classes and the relationship… Read More
WRAN which stands for Wireless Regional Area Network is designed and brought to existence, especially for rural areas, developing countries, places with low population density.… Read More
Passwords are an essential part of the cisco router access control methods. These are used to restrict access to a CISCO router; As there is… Read More
Test data management is a type of operation that ensures accurate data is ready for the testers to help them in their swanky work process.… Read More
A Software Development team has a great role to give life to any software application. A software team structure consists of various members from various… Read More
Frame Relay is a packet-switching network protocol that is designed to work at the data link layer of the network. It is used to connect… Read More
LACP: LACP is a layer 2 protocol it is also known as IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation control protocol; LACP is an open standard protocol used… Read More
This article concerns the step-by-step designing of serial port configuration in cisco packet tracer using serial interfaces se0/0/0 or se0/0/1. In the end, it will… Read More

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