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Prerequisite – DBMS | File Organization – Set 1, File Organization-Set 2  B+ Tree File Organization – B+ Tree, as the name suggests, It uses… Read More
A database consist of a huge amount of data. The data is grouped within a table in RDBMS, and each table have related records. A… Read More
Hamming code is a set of error-correction codes that can be used to detect and correct the errors that can occur when the data is… Read More
Given an IP address, remove leading zeros from the IP address. Examples:   Input : Output : Input : Output : Recommended Practice… Read More
An index is a schema object. It is used by the server to speed up the retrieval of rows by using a pointer. It can… Read More
In multiple-processor scheduling multiple CPU’s are available and hence Load Sharing becomes possible. However multiple processor scheduling is more complex as compared to single processor… Read More
Any set of attributes of a table that can uniquely identify all the tuples of that table is known as a Super key. It’s different… Read More
Prerequisite – Partition Allocation Methods Static partition schemes suffer from the limitation of having the fixed number of active processes and the usage of space… Read More
Starvation or Livelock is the situation when a transaction has to wait for an indefinite period of time to acquire a lock.  Reasons for Starvation:… Read More
We all must have heard the term ‘Net Neutrality‘ but only a few of us would know about it. When we go online we expect… Read More
A decision tree is a type of supervised learning algorithm that is commonly used in machine learning to model and predict outcomes based on input… Read More
In a database management system, When we want to retrieve a particular data, It becomes very inefficient to search all the index values and reach… Read More
A database object is any defined object in a database that is used to store or reference data.Anything which we make from create command is… Read More
Parallel computing is a computing where the jobs are broken into discrete parts that can be executed concurrently. Each part is further broken down to… Read More
In most situations, packets require multiple hops to make a journey towards the destination. Routing is one of the most complex and crucial aspects of… Read More

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