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Many folks get confused between these two terms which are associated with the Web. Are they really same? First thing first. HTML is a Language… Read More
FIRST(X) for a grammar symbol X is the set of terminals that begin the strings derivable from X.  Rules to compute FIRST set:  If x… Read More
Both of these concepts come under Priority scheduling in Operating System. But are they the same? In one line, Priority Inversion is a problem while… Read More
Why FIRST? We saw the need of backtrack in the previous article of on Introduction to Syntax Analysis, which is really a complex process to… Read More
Do many folks consider that they both are the same but are they really the same? The Internet is a global network of networks while… Read More
When an input string (source code or a program in some language) is given to a compiler, the compiler processes it in several phases, starting… Read More
Let us first put ‘priority inversion’ in the context of the Big Picture i.e. where does this come from. In Operating System, one of the… Read More
We know sum squares of first n natural numbers is . How to compute sum of squares of first n even natural numbers? We need… Read More
Consider a situation when you are not able to access a website and can access other websites. You would want to know if this is… Read More
What is Forwarding? Forwarding is moving incoming packets to the appropriate interface. Routers use a forwarding table to decide which incoming packet should be forwarded to… Read More
Dependency Preservation A Decomposition D = { R1, R2, R3….Rn } of R is dependency preserving wrt a set F of Functional dependency if (F1… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer below post as a pre-requisite for this. Conditional Probability Bayes’s formula Below is Bayes’s formula. The formula provides the relationship… Read More
Conditional probability P(A | B) indicates the probability of event ‘A’ happening given that event B happened. We can easily understand the above formula using… Read More
What are Unicasting, Anycasting, Multicasting and Broadcasting? If the message is sent from a source to a single destination node, it is called Unicasting. This… Read More
In database management an aggregate function is a function where the values of multiple rows are grouped together as input on certain criteria to form… Read More

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