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Finite Automata(FA) is the simplest machine to recognize patterns. The finite automata or finite state machine is an abstract machine that has five elements or… Read More
What is a Thread? A thread is a path of execution within a process. A process can contain multiple threads. Why Multithreading? A thread is… Read More
Prerequisite – Database normalization and functional dependency concept. Normalization is the process of minimizing redundancy from a relation or set of relations. Redundancy in relation… Read More
  1. Repeater – A repeater operates at the physical layer. Its job is to regenerate the signal over the same network before the signal… Read More
We have introduced IP addressing and classful addressing in the previous post.   Network Address and Mask Network address – It identifies a network on… Read More
IP address is an address having information about how to reach a specific host, especially outside the LAN. An IP address is a 32 bit… Read More
In the operating system, the following are four common memory management techniques.  Single contiguous allocation: Simplest allocation method used by MS-DOS. All memory (except some… Read More
Why IPv4 Datagram Fragmentation required? Different Networks may have different maximum transmission unit (MTU), for example due to differences in LAN technology. When one network… Read More
The network layer is the third layer (from bottom) in the OSI Model. The network layer is concerned with the delivery of a packet across… Read More
Database normalization is the process of organizing the attributes of the database to reduce or eliminate data redundancy (having the same data but at different… Read More
S. No. Parameters User Level Thread Kernel Level Thread 1. Implemented by User threads are implemented by users. Kernel threads are implemented by Operating System… Read More
Relational Algebra is procedural query language, which takes Relation as input and generate relation as output. Relational algebra mainly provides theoretical foundation for relational databases… Read More
The monitor is one of the ways to achieve Process synchronization. The monitor is supported by programming languages to achieve mutual exclusion between processes. For… Read More
  In the previous post, we have discussed Deadlock Prevention and Avoidance. In this post, the Deadlock Detection and Recovery technique to handle deadlock is… Read More
  Deadlock Characteristics As discussed in the previous post, deadlock has following characteristics.   Mutual Exclusion Hold and Wait No preemption Circular wait Deadlock Prevention We can prevent… Read More

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