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Prerequisite: Software Testing Software testing is an important part of software development life cycle. There are different types of software testing are performed during the… Read More
A Semaphore can be described as an object that consists of a counter, a waiting list of processes, Signal and Wait functions. The most basic… Read More
Maximum Segment Size refers to size of the largest segment that local host accepts within a single packet. It denotes largest amount of data that… Read More
Switch is a network device that is used to segment the networks into different subnetworks called subnets or LAN segments. It is responsible for filtering… Read More
Different types of software products/services are being developed everyday. IT/Software companies are adopting different development procedures for the development of good quality software product within… Read More
Same origin policy is a browser security feature that restricts a document or script loaded by one origin, to access or interact with documents or… Read More
1. Zombie Process :A Zombie is a process that has completed its task but still, it shows an entry in a process table. The zombie… Read More
The demand for IT services and software products are increasing in a faster way. Even we have seen during this pandemic situation how the demand… Read More
Static Single Assignment was presented in 1988 by Barry K. Rosen, Mark N, Wegman, and F. Kenneth Zadeck.  In compiler design, Static Single Assignment (… Read More
EIGRP stands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. The Protocol was designed by Cisco and is only available on Cisco routers. EIGRP helps in computer… Read More
Machine instructions are machine code programs or commands. In other words, commands written in the machine code of a computer that it can recognize and… Read More
Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) is a proprietary operating system that runs on Cisco Systems routers and switches. The core function of Cisco IOS is… Read More
What is Software Technical Review : A software technical review is examined by a team of qualified software engineers for the suitability of the software… Read More
Network devices connect to a switch through its switch ports. Switch Ports which are physical opening where data cables are plugged in to connect the… Read More
Before we discuss the memories that are used in a Cisco router, let’s understand what basically a Router is. When we want to connect two… Read More

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