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Wireless power transmission is an updated technique of power transmission without using any wires in the medium. A wireless transmission transfers power from the generation… Read More
Routing is the process of moving packets across a network from one host to another host by using the best path from the router table.… Read More
MAC stands for Media Access Control it is a physical address that uniquely identifies a device and hardware manufacturer on a network. Most commonly used… Read More
IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. An IP address is a unique address that is used to identify computers or nodes on the internet. It is… Read More
Open Shortest Path First is a link-state protocol that is used to find the best path between the source and the destination router using its… Read More
In the process of networking, wired and wireless both are useful methods. However, wired methods are proven more effective than wireless. But while networking, it’s… Read More
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is used to establish a secure and protected connection with the public and the private area network of… Read More
The Pilot channel in wireless communication technology is a type of a wireless unmodulated spectrum signal transmitted by the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) from… Read More
A Router is a networking device that fulfills the need for devices to share files and forward data packets between devices over computer networks. Routers… Read More
Network security is important for office, home, and business networks. The problem is at the utmost places wireless communication is used or we can say… Read More
Deadlocks are the fundamental problems in distributed systems. A Deadlock is a situation where a set of processes are blocked as each process in a… Read More
A file system is a system where data is stored persistently. In this article, we will see the concept of File service architecture in distributed… Read More
Data mining is also called discovering the knowledge in data, basically, it is the process of uncovering the various patterns and valuable information from given… Read More
Elasticsearch is a distributed search and a real-time analytical search engine. Elasticsearch is generally used for structured text, analytics, full-text search, and the combination of… Read More
Graph Theory is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the study of relationships between different objects. A graph is a collection of various… Read More

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