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Prerequisite: Introduction and Types of Relations POSET, known as Partially Ordered Set, works on the principle of Partial Ordering Relation. A relation R is said… Read More
Prerequisite: Bootstrap Protocol The BOOTP protocol is a networking protocol, the main goal of BOOTP is to find IP addresses from a server. It was… Read More
Prerequisite:  Introduction of Spanning Tree Protocol Working of Spanning Tree Protocol Types of Spanning Tree Protocol Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is used to prevent loops… Read More
Data Encryption is a method of preserving data confidentiality by transforming it into ciphertext, which can only be decoded using a unique decryption key produced… Read More
A signed integer is an integer with a positive ‘+’ or negative sign ‘-‘ associated with it. Since the computer only understands binary, it is… Read More
A system() call is a way for the programs to interact with the operating system. It is used to execute a command within a process.… Read More
Web testing is a software testing technique to test web applications or websites for finding errors and bugs. A web application must be tested properly… Read More
Fiber Optic Cable is a form of modern network cable that has a far greater capacity than electrical communication connections. optical fibers are made comprised of… Read More
The web page metrics are used in measuring various attributes of any website effectively. The table given below provides some of the comprehensive web page… Read More
Quality Assurance plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of the software project. Generally, DevOps finds it difficult to deliver software projects on time… Read More
Prerequisite: Agile Software Development In the world of software development, a project is managed majorly by three bodies they are Scrum Master, Product Owner, and… Read More
A Deadlock is a situation where a set of processes are blocked because each process is holding a resource and waiting for a resource that… Read More
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is Cisco’s leading certification in networking. The main aim of this certification is to offer a mid to entry-level certification… Read More
A data warehouse is a centralized data management system that combines, integrates, and groups information from various sources into a single repository. Data warehousing facilitates… Read More
A network switch is a piece of hardware that allows computers to communicate with one another. It accepts physical connectors from computers and other network… Read More

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