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This article intends to provide a step-by-step approach to easily creating a CI-CD pipeline on Jenkins. Before getting straight into the process, let us understand… Read More
During the early days of color television, black-and-white sets were still expected to display what were originally color images. YIQ model separated chrominance from luminance.… Read More
Any language from a class of computer languages and/or programming languages used for the formal description of digital logic and electronic circuits is known as… Read More
ARPANET included several protocols on the internet and NCP was one of them. NCP was a unidirectional or simplex protocol between two computers or devices.… Read More
ARM is a processor architecture. It can be used for either microprocessor or microcontroller. The one in context here in our article is ARM7TDMI which… Read More
Online Railway ticket reservation is very useful nowadays. This is very important to design a good-working system software for ticket booking and related transactions. To… Read More
A graph is a data structure that is defined by two components : A node or a vertex. An edge E or ordered pair is… Read More
ER model is used for logical representation or the conceptual view of data. It is a high level of the conceptual data model. It forms… Read More
Bi-Phase encoding is the best solution for synchronization. A transition occurs in the middle of each bit period that serves the synchronization and encoding of… Read More
Group theory is the branch of mathematics that includes the study of elements in a group. Group is the fundamental concept of algebraic structure like… Read More
The compilation process transforms the high-level language into low-level or machine-level language. In program translation, the method is the same, but the translation is taking… Read More
RDT 3.0 is the last and best version of the Reliable Data Transfer protocol. Before RDT 3.0, RDT 2.2 was introduced, to account for the… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the Six-State Process Model in Operating Systems and we will also understand what was the need for… Read More
Multilayer Feed-Forward Neural Network(MFFNN) is an interconnected Artificial Neural Network with multiple layers that has neurons with weights associated with them and they compute the… Read More
Pre-requisites: Introduction to Computer Graphics Graphics are defined as any sketch or a drawing or a special network that pictorially represents some meaningful information. Computer… Read More

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