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In general terms, “Mining” is the process of extraction. In the context of computer science, Data Mining can be referred to as knowledge mining from… Read More
Electronic signature or e-sign is the modern technology method of signing the documents or say any data/content by putting the signature through the digital device.… Read More
All IP datagrams must have the standard 20-byte header, which contains key information such as the source and destination address of the datagram, fragmentation control… Read More
IPsec might be a gaggle of protocols that square measure used along to line up encrypted connections between devices. It helps keep knowledge sent over… Read More
Spoofing is a completely new beast created by merging age-old deception strategies with modern technology. Spoofing is a sort of fraud in which someone or… Read More
Hot-swapping allows the removal or insertion of components to the computer without shutting down or rebooting the system. It is also called “hot insertion”. In… Read More
Complex analysis is a branch of mathematics that deals with complex numbers, their functions, and their calculus. In simple terms, complex analysis is an extension… Read More
The first depth search of the graph visits all the nodes in the graph once, starting with the entry point and visiting the nodes as… Read More
TCP is one of the important protocols of the network protocol suite. TCP is a connection-oriented and reliable data transmission protocol. TCP uses MTU (Maximum… Read More
Frame Relay sends information in packages called frames via a shared Frame Relay network. Each frame contains all the information needed to move it to… Read More
A dependency graph is used to represent the flow of information among the attributes in a parse tree. In a parse tree, a dependency graph… Read More
AIMD is a feedback control algorithm, it is used by TCP protocols in the transport layer of the TCP/IP stack. The AI phase is responsible… Read More
The error may occur at various levels of compilation, so error handling is important for the correct execution of code. There are mainly five error… Read More
Ransomware is a type of malware that denies access to data files using encryption until a ransom is paid. It comes under the category of… Read More
Routing protocols specify how routers talk to each other to exchange information about routes within the same system. This communication happens by sending all or… Read More

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