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Setting up two separate networks using a single device like a modem enables us to enhance and extend the secondary guest network with security features… Read More
Prerequisite: What is software engineering? What is the difference between an Inspection and Walkthrough?  The walkthrough is a review meeting process but it is different… Read More
A polygon mesh is a type of computer graphics technique used for creating 3D models. It is a collection of vertices, edges and faces that… Read More
Sequence Diagrams for an E-commerce Firm can be broken into 5 main functionalities: Sign Up Functionality Login Functionality Add to Cart Functionality Product Order Functionality… Read More
The common cryptographic terms used for encrypted data are known as plaintext and cleartext where encryption is a process of converting plaintext into cipher text… Read More
Locking is a functionality of a relational database to block various kinds of access performed on the tables based on the lock mode. The session… Read More
Filled Area primitives are used to filling solid colors to an area or image or polygon. Filling the polygon means highlighting its pixel with different… Read More
Pre-requisites: Types of NoSQL Databases, Introduction to Graph Database on NoSQL NoSQL systems called graph databases were developed for investigating correlation within intricately connected entities.… Read More
When it comes to computer graphics, lighting is just as important as the object itself. After all, without the proper lighting, an object can appear… Read More
Computer graphics are everywhere in today’s world. From movies and video games to websites and digital art, they are used to create visuals that are… Read More
Software Process Assessment is a disciplined and organized examination of the software process which is being used by any organization bases the on the process… Read More
Computer graphics is an important part of Computer science. This help to gain knowledge about the designs & the coloring. Computer graphics is the part… Read More
Result Caching is a feature of the Oracle database that allows query results to be stored in memory, eliminating the need to re-execute the query… Read More
Pre-requisite: Ansible Ansible is a configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tool. It is an open source and provides large productivity to a high amount of… Read More
The foundation of data virtualization technology is the execution of distributed data management processes, mostly for queries, against numerous heterogeneous data sources, and the Federation… Read More

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