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A PAN (also known as a WPAN) is a network used for communication among intelligent gadgets that are physically close to a person (including smartphones,… Read More
A database may contain data objects that do not comply with the general behavior or model of the data. These data objects are Outliers. The… Read More
Packet Sniffing is the process of expanding monitors checks every packet that passes through any network. Packet Sniffers will give network administrators the to monitor… Read More
This article will go through the concept of Communication protocols for Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) in Distributed Systems in detail. Communication Protocols for Remote Procedure… Read More
To find a numerical output, prediction is used. The training dataset contains the inputs and numerical output values. According to the training dataset, the algorithm… Read More
The sender sends a message that contains data and it is made in such a way that the receiver can understand it. The inter-process communication… Read More
ECN stands for Explicit Congestion Notification algorithm. It is not a congestion control algorithm like slow start restart and AIMD. This algorithm has only one… Read More
The term “distributed systems” refers to a group of several components situated on various machines that interact and coordinate actions to appear to the end-user… Read More
Planning and Estimation are essential in software projects to achieve predictability, reduce the risks involved, and set a basic expectation for all stakeholders. Planning brings… Read More
The word “forensics” means the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law. Forensics is the… Read More
The Alpha 21064 is a microprocessor that was developed in 1992 by a company named Digital Equipment Corporation. It is sometimes also referred to as… Read More
The aggregate-Oriented database is the NoSQL database which does not support ACID transactions and they sacrifice one of the ACID properties. Aggregate orientation operations are… Read More
In this article, we will go through the concept of Multidatagram messages in Distributed Systems in detail. In distributed systems, communication is carried out between… Read More
A data mining technique that is used to uncover purchase patterns in any retail setting is known as Market Basket Analysis. In simple terms Basically,… Read More
Web servers are where websites are stored. They are computers that run an operating system and are connected to a database to run multiple applications.… Read More

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