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Prerequisite – Simplified Data Encryption Standard | Set 1 Simplified Data Encryption Standard is a simple version of Data Encryption Standard having a 10-bit key… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtualization and its Types in Cloud Computing Network Virtualization is a process of logically grouping physical networks and making them operate as single… Read More
The Latex command to put the border (box) around an equation is as \fbox or \boxed Description : \boxed command draws a box around argument.… Read More
In this, we will discuss the overview of PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL and will also cover the CRUD(CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) operations with the help of the… Read More
A webbing is been set up in the 1970s the Defence Department of the USA called it ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network). The main… Read More
A Logical Database is a special type of ABAP (Advance Business Application and Programming) that is used to retrieve data from various tables and the… Read More
IOS is a Mobile Operating System that was developed by Apple Inc. for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple mobile devices. iOS is the second most… Read More
Software Engineering is a systematic and cost-effective technique for Software Development. It is an engineering approach to develop Software. For example: If someone wants to… Read More
An IP address represents an Internet Protocol address. A unique address that identifies the device over the network. It is almost like a set of… Read More
All imported and used to terminologies we are going to discuss over here: Access Point :  This is wireless hardware connection in which networking devices… Read More
There are various definitions one can get to know about hackers. The term hacker was used in the early 1990s and it was to describe… Read More
Scrum is the best Agile practice in today’s world. This article includes all the concepts regarding product backlog, team role, sprints, burndown charts, and more.… Read More
1. GO : Go or Golang is a statically typed(i.e. the datatype of variables are needed to be defined before compilation) open-source procedural-oriented programming language. It… Read More
Introduction :The essence of ERP is the fundamental approach that takes an integrated view of the subject. The established application systems, which the organization generally… Read More
Anti-Virus : The computer which we use today has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. Without them, it’s almost impossible for our daily works… Read More

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