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Data is a set of discrete objective facts about an event or a process that have little use by themselves unless converted into information. We… Read More
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a technology that enables analysts to analyze the complex data derived from the Data Warehouse. It is based on a… Read More
The multi-Dimensional Data Model is a method which is used for ordering data in the database along with good arrangement and assembling of the contents… Read More
Outlier is a data object that deviates significantly from the rest of the data objects and behaves in a different  manner. An outlier is an… Read More
Federated Learning of Cohorts(FLoC) is the new web tracking technology after Google decided to phase out third-party cookies which are already being implemented. Almost everyone… Read More
Sometime in the 2000s the developers of PostgreSQL found a major loophole in the design of their relational database management system with respect to storage… Read More
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