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Virtual agent : Virtual agent sounds like a human agent, but it is virtual. Actually it is a software product we can say, which has… Read More
Prerequisite : DevOps Now, the time is like that when almost all IT industries are implementing automation for IT delivery excellence and to create a… Read More
Prerequisite : OSI Layer Introduction :The Session Layer is the 5th layer in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. This layer allows users on different… Read More
DNS (Domain Name System) allows you to interact with devices on the Internet without having to remember long strings of numbers. Each computer on the… Read More
Infrared light for Transmission :Infrared is the frequency of light that is not visible to the eyes .The frequency of the waves lies between three… Read More
Prerequisite :  Introduction of Process Management, Gang scheduling in Operating System Introduction :Job is work that needs to be done.A task is a piece of… Read More
Overview :An integer p>1 is called a prime number, or prime if the only positive divisors of p are 1 and p. An integer q>1… Read More
Planar Graph :If a graph can be drawn on the plane without crossing, it is said to be planar.Coloring of a simple graph is the… Read More
Overview :Hacking is the activity of characterizing weaknesses in a knowledge processing system and a network to take advantage of the security to comprehend access… Read More
Voice Commerce :In this 21st century people want everything quick and easy and this is what technology has done. The most functional part of technology… Read More
Temporary data like as method/function arguments, return address, and local variables are stored on the process Stack, whereas on the other hand, the CPU stack… Read More
Prerequisite : Internet of Things(IoT) Internet of things is playing a vital role in todays growing world. The data collected by the IoT devices provide… Read More
Software application is a part of our daily life. May be in laptop or may be in our mobile phone, or it may be any… Read More
The ER model is a very important concept in DBMS, and it is used for the modeling of the logical view of the system from… Read More
DATA processing instructions :We use data processing instructions to manipulate data within the registers.  Types for data processing instructions –  Arithmetic instructions Logical instructions Multiply… Read More

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