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The various components and processes involved in building and maintaining a data center, which is a facility used to house servers, storage systems, and other… Read More
Gnuplot is a portable, free, command-driven, interactive function, and data plotting program for Linux, OS/2, MS Windows, OSX, VMS, and many other platforms. Although copyrighted,… Read More
Analysis phase of a Compiler: The Analysis phase, also known as the front end of a compiler, is the first step in the compilation process.… Read More
Interrupt latency is a measure of the time it takes for a computer system to respond to an external event, such as a hardware interrupt… Read More
Pre-requisites: Grid Computing Middleware refers to the software that sits between the application layer and the underlying hardware infrastructure and enables the various components of… Read More
Pointing and positioning techniques are essential aspects of computer graphics. They can be used to create realistic images, enhance the user experience, and control the… Read More
Adaptive streaming is a technique used to deliver multimedia content, such as video or audio, over the internet. The content is divided into small chunks,… Read More
Modeling and coordinate transformation are two important concepts in the field of computer graphics and animation. Modeling is a process of creating a three-dimensional representation… Read More
In graph theory, the data/objects belong to the same group but each piece of data differs from one other. In this article, we will see… Read More
In this digital world, there is no day that passes without streaming a video in our lives. There are some important protocols working for us… Read More
Prerequisites: Data Mining, Data Warehousing Data mining refers to the process of discovering insights, patterns, and knowledge from large data. It involves using techniques from… Read More
Polling is strictly centralized. If one terminal in wireless communication can be heard by all others, this central terminal also known as Base Terminal(BS) can… Read More
RJ14 and RJ21 connectors are types of registered jack (RJ) connectors that are commonly used in telecommunications. These connectors are used to connect telephone lines… Read More
In data mining, a “colossal pattern” is a pattern that is large in size or scope. It is a pattern that is significant or important… Read More
Pre-requisites: Data mining Data Mining can be referred to as knowledge mining from data, knowledge extraction, data/pattern analysis, data archaeology, and data dredging. In data… Read More

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