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Category Archives: Operating Systems

What variable stack size is and how does it affect computer networks? A variable stack depth (VSD) means that the maximum number of frames the… Read More
The sequencing problem deals with determining an optimum sequence of performing a number of jobs by a finite number of service facilities (machine) according to… Read More
LXC stands for Linux Containers, it is a tool that is used for the virtualization of operating systems. By using LXC one can operate any… Read More
Unix systems have a time utility that allows a user to see where their application took significant time to process. The syntax of this utility… Read More
Preemptive Priority CPU Scheduling Algorithm is a pre-emptive method of CPU scheduling algorithm that works based on the priority of a process. In this algorithm,… Read More
Mount point is a directory in a file system where additional information is logically connected from a storage location outside the operating system’s root drive… Read More
A virtual disk is a file on the host system and appears to be a physical disk drive to the guest operating system. So, if… Read More
Inode doesn’t contain files actual data but it contains the metadata about the file such as the file size, User Id, Protection information etc. It… Read More
In this post, we will see the Host Operating System versus Guest Operating System. But, before we get into the differences, it’s important to understand… Read More
Prerequisite: Socket Programming in C/C++, fork() System call  Problem Statement: In this article, we are going to write a program that illustrates the Client-Server Model… Read More
Mutual exclusion is a program object that refers to the requirement of satisfying that no two concurrent processes are in a critical section at the… Read More
File descriptor is simply an index into the file descriptor table. For each process in our operating system, there is a process control block(PCB). PCB… Read More
Given N processes and two arrays, arr1[] and arr2[] of size N each. arr1[] contains time spent by any process in critical section and arr2[]… Read More
A system failure can occur as a result of a hardware failure or a serious software problem, causing the system to freeze, reboot, or entirely… Read More
The technique of collection of all the free space in a contiguous manner to make system and memory run efficiently is known as Compaction or… Read More

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