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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

For understanding the concept behind Machine Learning, as well as Deep Learning, Linear Algebra principles, are crucial. Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics that… Read More
Statistics simply means numerical data, and is field of math that generally deals with collection of data, tabulation, and interpretation of numerical data. It is… Read More
Shearing deals with changing the shape and size of the 2D object along x-axis and y-axis. It is similar to sliding the layers in one… Read More
Trigonometric functions describe the relationship between the sides and angles of a right-angled triangle.  The trigonometric functions include sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant.… Read More
Relational Operator are used for comparison of two values to understand the type of relationship a pair of number shares. For example, less than, greater… Read More
Logic Notations is a set of symbols which is commonly used to express logical representation. For example, not A is represented as – So, let’s… Read More
Brackets are symbols, such as parentheses, braces, square brackets, etc that are mostly used to group expressions or clarify the order in which operations are… Read More
Set notation – In set theory and its applications to logic, mathematics, and computer science, set-builder notation is a mathematical notation for describing a set… Read More
LATEX is a document preparation system for producing professional-looking documents. LaTeX is widely used for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields,… Read More
Geometry Notations are notations that refer to the geometric figures, and to the sizes of the figures. For example, Line Segment AB is represented as… Read More
A solid of revolution is generated by revolving a plane area R about a line L known as axis of revolution in the plane. Below… Read More
Gamma function is one commonly used extension of the factorial function to complex numbers. The gamma function is defined for all complex numbers except the… Read More
The Beta function is a unique function and is also called the first kind of Euler’s integrals. The beta function is defined in the domains… Read More
1. Spline : A spline curve is a mathematical representation for which it is easy to build an interface that will allow a user to… Read More
Assume a function which is undefined at x=a but it may approach a limit as x approaches a. The process of determining such a limit… Read More

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