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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Isomorphism : Consider the following two graphs – Are the graphs and the same? If your answer is no, then you need to rethink it.… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics – Set 1 A graph is a structure amounting to a set of objects in which some pairs of the objects… Read More
Relations can be used to order some or all the elements of a set. For instance, the set of Natural numbers is ordered by the… Read More
Prerequisite : Introduction to Relations, Representation of Relations Combining Relations : As we know that relations are just sets of ordered pairs, so all set… Read More
Prerequisite : Introduction to Propositional Logic – Set 1 De Morgan’s Law : In propositional logic and boolean algebra, De Morgan’s laws are a pair… Read More
Prerequisite: Predicates and Quantifiers Set 2, Propositional Equivalences Every Theorem in Mathematics, or any subject for that matter, is supported by underlying proofs. These proofs… Read More
Prerequisite : Predicates and Quantifiers Set 1, Propositional Equivalences Logical Equivalences involving Quantifiers Two logical statements involving predicates and quantifiers are considered equivalent if and… Read More
Prosecutor’s fallacy is a very famous but neglected application of Baye’s rule. Prosecutor’s fallacy is a fallacy in statistical reasoning. This very famous problem uncovers… Read More
Algebraic Structure A non empty set S is called an algebraic structure w.r.t binary operation (*) if it follows following axioms:    Closure:(a*b) belongs to… Read More
A matrix represents a collection of numbers arranged in an order of rows and columns. It is necessary to enclose the elements of a matrix… Read More
Previously, we have already discussed Relations and their basic types. Combining Relation: Suppose R is a relation from set A to B and S is a relation… Read More
Relation or Binary relation R from set A to B is a subset of AxB which can be defined as aRb ↔ (a,b) € R… Read More
   Trace of a matrix : Let A=[aij] nxn is a square matrix of order n, then the sum of diagonal elements is called the trace… Read More
Random variable is basically a function which maps from the set of sample space to set of real numbers. The purpose is to get an… Read More
A function f from A to B is an assignment of exactly one element of B to each element of A (A and B are… Read More

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