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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

A set of operations is said to be functionally complete or universal if and only if every switching function can be expressed by means of… Read More
Problem 1 – There are 25 telephones in Geeksland. Is it possible to connect them with wires so that each telephone is connected with exactly… Read More
In graph theory, betweenness centrality is a measure of centrality in a graph based on shortest paths. For every pair of vertices in a connected… Read More
Switching algebra is also known as Boolean Algebra. It is used to analyze digital gates and circuits It is logical to perform a mathematical operation… Read More
Prerequisite – Random Variable In probability theory and statistics, a probability distribution is a mathematical function that can be thought of as providing the probabilities… Read More
In numerical analysis and linear algebra, LU decomposition (where ‘LU’ stands for ‘lower upper’, and also called LU factorization) factors a matrix as the product… Read More
A Boolean function is described by an algebraic expression consisting of binary variables, the constants 0 and 1, and the logic operation symbols For a… Read More
1. Limits – For a function the limit of the function at a point is the value the function achieves at a point which is… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics Given an undirected graph, a matching is a set of edges, such that no two edges share the same vertex.… Read More
Prerequisite – Generalized PnC Set 1 Combinatorial problems can be rephrased in several different ways, the most common of which is in terms of distributing… Read More
Prerequisite – PnC and Binomial Coefficients  So far every problem discussed in previous articles has had sets of distinct elements, but sometimes problems may involve… Read More
Prerequisite – Combinatorics Basics  Several Counting problems require finding the number of ways to arrange a certain number of distinct elements, where the relative order… Read More
Combinatorics is the branch of Mathematics dealing with the study of finite or countable discrete structures. It includes the enumeration or counting of objects having… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics Certain graph problems deal with finding a path between two vertices such that each edge is traversed exactly once, or finding… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics Consider an electronic circuit having several nodes with connections between them. Is it possible to print that circuit on a… Read More

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